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Canary and the Vamp 


Channeling the voices of the Tin Pan Alley Song book, Beverly Twist from Belles of the Levee joins forces with Absynth Quartet’s guitarist Ryan Roberts and bassist/vocalist John Ludington. “With the addition of Aleister Paige on pedal steel, the sound has never been better.”-Collin Yeo, North Coast Journal. Twist periodically switches from rhythm guitarist to banjolele, trumpet and melodica. Roberts plays a self made o-hole guitar traditionally played in jazz manouche fashion, a style made popular by early jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt.  Ludington holds down the upright bass whilst singing close harmonies with Twist. With a mix of ‘20s and ‘30s vaudevillian style,  Brazilian jazz and country swing, Canary’s sound is bound to excite if not intrigue it’s listeners. 

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Up Coming Shows

June 16th Felidbrook Winery, CA   2-5 pm 
July 20th NCRLT 
benefit, Freshwater CA 5pm


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